stomach pain

In our daily practices we all are indulge in the race of coming first. But being a part of it we don’t have time to follow the healthy diet chart and busy schedules may deliver you the very common problem named as ‘gas’. In our modern lifestyle we are ignoring our health which causes many health issues like gas pain are very common. Most of the individstomach ache uals suffer from gas pain on a daily basis. Along with the pain it usually create undesirable sounds which can also make you feel uncomfortable.

It is difficult to suffer with gastric attack but once you know the symptoms, it becomes easier to treat your problem. The most common symptoms of gas are abdominal pain and chest pain.

Gas pains can be cured but before proceeding to remedies, it is necessary to know what the causes of gas pain are. The most common reasons for gas pain to appear in the body are:

  • Some specific vegetables which cause gas pain are artichoke, sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and onions.
  • By eating apples, pears and similar fruits.
  • Using baked beans
  • Whole wheat
  • Drinking through a straw
  • By chewing gum
  • Eating too much of fat
  • Carbonated Beverages

There are many ways to cure gas pain fast. Some of these methods are natural but other treatments like use of drugs to cure it are not the best option which you should consider. You can have a look on the below mentioned ways to get rid of gas pain quickly and naturally without any extra investment.

Ways to cure gas pain

Gulp hot water:

Gulp hot waterIt is one of the most simple and quick remedies to consider when you need relief from gas pain. You need a cup of hot water and gulp it. It is a user friendly way to get rid of this.

Drink peppermint tea:

Drink peppermint teaIt is helpful to use peppermint tea when you experience gastric attack it will help you to feel gas free.

Eat yogurt:

Eat yogurtYou should eat yogurt every day if you suffer from frequent gas pain. It is effective because it contain many pro-biotic elements which give you proper relief.

Chew ginger or drink ginger tea:

gingerIt is the best way to get rid of gas pain by using ginger. It is up to you how you are more comfortable to consume it either by chewing or by making tea. Ginger has anti- inflammatory capability due to this ginger is popular for treating gastric attack.


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