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What Do You Know About Herpes Zoster Opthalmicus?

What is eye herpes or I would say what herpes zoster opthalmicus is? This is an eye infection which is caused by herpes varicella zoster. This is not like other eye infections it is very different. Herpes zoster opthalmicus is also called as shingles which can cause painful and itchy blisters on your body or sometimes on your face. This disease is caused by herpes varicella zosters this is the same virus which causes chickenpox. Both the virus belongs to the same virus family which is called herpes simplex virus. Once you have had chickenpox then this virus will stay in your system. It can later remerge as shingles. herpes-in-the-eyeAccording to studies,  only 20-30 percent people will face this infection around the eye. This is very uncomfortable and serious condition. This is serious condition because herpes zoster opthalmicus (eye shingles) can cause scarring, vision loss and other long term problems. There are so many vaccines available which can treat this eye infection but, you can use them if your age is 50 above. Are you thinking how can eye affected by herpes zoster? This is because your eyes are connected to the nerves that may be infected with the herpes zoster virus. Herpes zoster opthalmicus is caused by herpes zosters virus/varicella virus and it is not contagious. Please do not confuse between herpes simplex and herpes zoster because both are different viruses. Chicken pox is highly contagious than shingles so if you have shingles eye infection, you do not need to worry because this cannot pass to others. When you have infection in the eye, the blistering rashes will form on your eyes lids, forehead and on the tip or side of the nose. This rash might show up right after the exposure to the infection or it may take weeks to appear. To know about this infection more clearly here are some symptoms of this infection.

Some of The Most Common Symptoms of Herpes

  • Along with the rash, you will have burning and throbbing pain in your eye
  • Redness in or around in the eye
  • Watery eyes
  • Eye irritation
  • Blurry vision
  • Extremely sensitive to lightFamiciclovir for herpes

You might also have swelling in the pair of your eyes

  • Your eye lids
  • Your retina
  • Your cornea

This is not a life threatening condition it can be cured by some herpes treatment options like antivirals, vaccines and medicines. According to studies there are so many people who used oral antivirals to cure herpes zoster opthalmicus. There are three types of antivirals – acyclovir, famciclovir and valacyclovir. It is a proven result that the early treatment with 800 mg- one each tablet 5 times in a day, famciclovir 500 mg and valacyclovir 1 gram for 7 days can reduce ocular complications. Most of the time herpes eye infection gets better by their own in a week or two, although they can last longer. But you may need treatment to reduce the complications of this condition. The treatments are

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Some of The Most Effective Treatments For Herpes

Antiviral eye drops or treatment

  • Antiviral eye drops or treatment- These can stop the virus from spreading and to get its benefits it is very important to use this several times in a day for about 1-2 weeks.
  • Steroids eye drops- This may be need to use in a combination with antiviral drops. But before you use this consult with your doctor.
  • Try to keep clean your eyes because it is very important to keep your eyes clean. For that you just need to take cotton cloth, dip that cloth in cold water. Gently clean the affected area. Additionally, if you want you can also use cold compress because it will numb the area and can give you relief from itching, pain and discomfort.

Hope now you are aware about what normal eye infection is and what herpes zoster opthalmicus is. Because this is not contagious so there are no possibilities to pass the virus to others. Always consult with your doctor first if you are suffering from any eye related problem then take any treatment.

Given above are all the medication options for herpes treatment. There are many herbal remedies available to treat herpes in the best expected manner. Click here to know more about herbal remedies for herpes treatment.

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