Allergic by bee string

Bee sting is pretty common when you are on outing and exploring the beauty of nature during camping trips. It is a painful or deadly condition for the victim if he is allergic to the venom. You should immediately remove the sting of the bee as fast as possible to reduce the swelling on the affected area. You should not treat it lightly because if the victim of bee sting is facing the allergic reactions, it can prove to be dangerous for him. There is a possibility of anaphylaxis which is a life-threatening allergic reaction due to a bee sting.


The symptoms of a bee sting may vary from person to person or individual to individual. In case of a bee sting the person may experience the three types of reactions:


bee-stingUnder this stage, the bee sting will cause pain, redness and swelling around the sting site. An infected person may encounter these types of symptoms at the initial stage.


This type of reaction may cause swelling that normally spreads further than the sting site. This reaction looks more severe than normal reactions but it is not life threatening.


This stage is considered as the more serious reaction which needs immediate or fast medical attention otherwise it symptoms become severe.

Allergic by bee stringYou may encounter the following symptoms or reactions of a sting that are severe and considered as anaphylactic reactions.

  • Problem in breathing.
  • Swelling of the mouth tissue, throat or face.
  • Anxiety and restlessness.
  • Increase pulse rate.
  • Difficulty wheezing.

Simple Remedies 

Swelling around the sting site is the common reaction which is caused due to a bee sting. You can reduce your swelling by following simple remedies which will help you to get rid of the swelling.

  • bee string remedyFirst of all you need to pull the sting out. You can do it with the help of knife or long fingernail.
  • After removing sting you can rub aspirin on the sting. Rubbing this will help you out to neutralize some of the agents of inflammation.
  • You also get relief by using tenderized meat paste on the affected area. It contains chemicals which break down the protein in the venom.
  • By applying the paste of baking soda for 20 minutes on the sting site you get relief in your pain.
  • You can also use ammonia for pain reduction.
  • You can reduce your swelling from bee sting by immediately applying a pack of ice. It will help you to reduce swelling and pain along with the redness.
  • You might also use the pickle juice or vinegar on the bee sting site to reduce swelling, itching from bee sting.

With the help of these simple practices, you can get rid of your swelling caused by the bee sting. With the above-mentioned remedies you can get immediate relief in your swelling and will be able to treat it effectively.


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