If you love the tangy, cleansing, sour and refreshing taste of lemon, you are already on the path of good health. If you have not tried this till now, it is time to start drinking lemon water. Lemon is a great source of vitamin C as well as a most common citrus fruit that provides numerous health benefits. It contains plenty of minerals, proteins, magnesium, calcium, folate, copper, vitamin E and many other nutrients. Lemon is usually low in sugar, both in glucose and fructose and have a low glycemic index. Lemon helps to enhance your beauty by rejuvenating skin and bring your glow back on your skin. One of the major health benefits of lemon water is that drinking warm lemon water daily in the morning helps you to reduce weight. You can try lemon with warm water and honey.  Despite of these facts lemon has also many other health benefits which we are going to discuss in this article.

Replace unhealthy drinksreplace-unhealthy-drinks

Many of you may be addicted to soda water, 3-4 cup of coffee in a day and alcohol. Coffee is considered as good for health but excess consumption of coffee can give you negative results. You can replace your unhealthy beverages that you would normally drink with refreshing lemon water. Water with pure and fresh lemon juice contains almost no calories. The drinks like coffee, tea are high in sugar as well as in calories and soda, juice are high in fructose. These drinks can increase your weight but lemon juice is known for its weight reducing benefits.

Indigestion and constipation

Lemon juice helps to cure problems related with indigestion and constipation. The foods we eat nowadays such as junk foods, processed foods and calorie foods can make digestion problem. If you add few drops of lemon juice daily in your diet, it will help aid in digestion. It acts as blood purifier and cleaning agent, so it is good to consume lemon soda after lunch and dinner. You can add honey, mint leaves and crushed fennel seeds for added flavor. Lemon water improves enzyme functions in your body, stimulating the liver and fluxing out the toxins.

Dental caredental-care

Lemon is also used for dental care. You can use it as regular cleanser for teeth. Whenever you buy any toothpaste, check the lemon ingredients in it or you can also add few drops of lemon juice in your normal toothpaste. If fresh lemon is applied on the area of toothache, it can help you in relieving pain. Massaging the lemon juice on the gums can stop gum bleeding and also help to eliminate the bad smell that can come from many gum diseases. Always remember that lemon is highly acidic so if your mouth starts burning rinse off your mouth with water quickly.


lemon has many antiseptic properties which help in problems related with skin. Lemon juice reduces pain and redness of sunburn and also helps to ease the pain from bee stings as well. Lemon is also a good remedy for acne treatment. It acts as an anti-ageing and removes wrinkles and blackheads. Drinking lemon juice daily with warm water helps to bring glow to the skin.

Deal with asthmadeal-with-asthma

lemon juice is rich in vitamin C which helps to reduce the risk of asthma in children. Many researchers found that low intake of vitamin C increases the risk of asthma in childhood. Intake of lemons juice or other supplements which are high in vitamin C can help in asthma treatment.

Prevent kidney stone

kidney problem is spreading rapidly nowadays and it is extremely painful. Diosmin is an antioxidant found in lemon which has very positive effects on decreasing the incidence of kidney stones.  Its effect was as powerful as that of others drugs. Diosmin helps to decrease the urinary phosphorus and calcium in kidneys as well as increase the urinary volume, all of which help to ease pressure on the kidney and eliminate the stone from kidney.

Lemon has incredible and numerous health benefits. It helps to soothe a sore throat, good for your heart, fight with cancer cells and prevent weight gain. You just need to start drinking one glass of lemon water on regular basis to get all of its benefits.

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