amritarishta-for fever

Amritarishta is also known as Amrutarishta and Amritarishtam. It is an Ayurvedic medicine that is commonly used for the treatment of all types of fever either acute or chronic. Amritarishta is also used in case of lack of immunity, decreased platelet counts, gout, arthritis, joint pain, and digestion related problems. It is prepared using several herbs that have several very effective medicinal properties. This is of dark brown color liquid Ayurvedic medicine. Through this article, I will tell you all the uses and amazing benefits of Amritarishta. This is one of the most common Ayurvedic medicines that are prescribed by the Ayurvedic doctors. It is very helpful in reducing the body pain occurs after and during chronic fevers and infectious diseases. Amritarishta is very effective in reducing the fever symptoms, such as burning sensation, excessive thirst, restlessness, body pain, tiredness, etc. It is also very beneficial for patients suffering from gout, elevated uric acid level, rheumatoid, poor appetite and jaundice (hepatitis).

Benefits of Amritarishta

Amritarishta is widely used for treating both mild as well as chronic fevers. It helps in reducing toxins that are responsible for the inflammation and the occurrence of fever. The powerful properties of Amritarishta make it very useful for decreasing burning and heat sensation in the whole body, restlessness, body pain, and fatigue. The antibacterial and anti – viral properties of Amritarishta boost up the immunity of the body and also provide strength to the body for fighting against the different types of viral and bacterial infections and diseases. This Ayurvedic medicine also helps in restoring the strength of the body and also helps in reducing the weakness.


Giloy is one of the most amazing ingredients of Amritarishta that makes it very powerful against the typhoid fever. It inhibits the growth of salmonella typhi bacteria and also reduces antigen titer. This medicine is also helpful in debility that occurs after typhoid fever and clear the toxins developed in the body due to typhoid fever.

There is an ingredient known as Dashmularishta, is specially added to Amritaristarishta for the treatment of puerperal fever or postpartum fever. To deal with the symptoms like diarrhea, burning sensation, and feeling of losing consciousness, Amritarishta is a perfect Ayurvedic medicine. The powerful properties of Amiritarishta make it a very powerful medicine for the treatment of Puerperal fever.

Most of the times, the patients have debility after a fever or a prolonged disease. Actually, the continuous use of antibiotic medicines to treat the infections, reduce the strength of the body. Amritarishta helps in reducing the debility and eliminates the toxins developed in the body due to infection or antibiotic medicines.


The strong digestive properties of Amritarishta improve our digestive system. It speeds up the digestion process and reduces the formation of the AMA. Amritarishta also helps in the formation of blood as well as it increases the hemoglobin level in the blood. Not only this, it is also very beneficial for the liver and gall bladder. Amritarishta increases the secretion of bile juices from the liver and gall bladder. It improves the liver function and digestion of the body.

How to use Amritasrishta?


Take 20 ml Amritarishta mix with equal amount of water two times in a day immediately after meals. There are no side effects of Amritarista. It is completely safe for our body. One can feel a burning sensation and irritation in the alimentary canal, in case of higher dosages consumption.

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